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Campfire Cooking

Kansas City’s – Best Potato Salad Recipe

April 18, 2017 |

This potato salad is so tasty. I have brought it to many picnics careful to keep it cooled as it will turn on you fast if you leave it out too long.Read More

Eric’s Pickled Red Onions

January 8, 2016 |

My Pickled Red Onions are a simple complement to many dishes. They work great with chicken or pork and are “required” for Carnita Street TacosRead More

Eric’s Sausage and Herb Stuffing

November 28, 2015 |

Eric’s Sausage and Herb Stuffing is great with turkey, chicken and pork. Make sure and dry the bread the final results are worth the effort.Read More

Canadian Cheese Soup

November 22, 2015 |

Canadian Cheese Soup is I a soup I learned in high school and i have not changed it since. Creamy goodness that goes great with a sandwich.Read More

Creamy Onion Soup

November 11, 2015 |

Creamy onion soup is so good you likely need to make a double batch. Don’t overcook the onions or burn the white sauce and this will be one of your favorites too.Read More

Honey Ham and Havarti Slider

November 2, 2015 |

Honey Ham Sliders are a simple make ahead way to eat great during the game. These sliders are more are very spicey from the horseradish so feel free to add more.Read More

Sriracha Maple Fried Chicken

October 17, 2015 |

Sriracha Maple Fried Chicken is a great with or without the waffles adjust the hot sauce to your needs. I use the batter pro for this one. Love it!Read More

Apple Cider Baked Beans

October 17, 2015 |

My Apple Cider Baked Beans are so rich and creamy because of the slow cooking. I dare you not to like ’em! If you can find honey crisp apple cider use it. Read More

Cinnamon Maple Butter

October 15, 2015 |

This Cinnamon Maple Butter is so addictively good that it should have a warning. The cinnamon just warms the flavor but totally allows the maple to shine. Read More

Eric’s Best Rib Rub In The Universe

October 13, 2015 |

This rub does pork, chicken, beef, and fish oh so well. The longer you leave it on prior to cooking the more intense the flavor. Works great with mustard on pork. The MSG is up to you.Read More

Pan Seared Kansas City Strip

September 3, 2015 |

Strip Steaks are a staple in the midwest. I have tried them with rubs, marinades and sauces, but sometimes you just want to taste a good steak. This version allows the steak to shine and the mushrooms aren’t bad either. Read More

Eric’s Favorite Flank Steak

June 1, 2015 |

Eric’s Favorite Flank Steak is a wet rub that works great. Don’t forget to pepper first and score the meat to ensure the wet rub fully penetrates. Read More

Berry Cobbler Cake

June 1, 2015 |

Berry Cobbler Cake is ready for the campfire Dutch oven, pizza oven or kitchen in just a moment but the taste is amazing. The raw sugar on the top adds a crunch that can’t be beat.Read More

Shredded Potato Cakes

May 30, 2015 |

Shredded Potato Cakes or Latkes are a traditional dish but for me a great way to get your potatoes at breakfast. Make sure the potatoes are very dry prior to mixing them in.Read More

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